If you have watched even 30 minutes of TV lately, there is a very good chance you saw a commercial by some large personal injury law firm telling you how important you are to them and how much they want to protect your rights.  

Let’s not kid ourselves; when you get hurt, law firms stand to profit – BIG.  The goal of these large firms is to get as many people in the door as possible, settle their claims as quickly as possible, take their cut of your money and send you on your way.  Often times this is done primarily by paralegals and staff and “your” attorney knows very little about you or your case.

 At Matthew C. Bothwell, P.A., a Florida personal injury attorney, we pledge that you will be treated with respect and that your case will be handled by attorneys who are available to talk you through any problems, questions or issues you may have during your personal injury trial.  Our goal is to see you through these trying times and to help you get back on your feet. 

 If you have been injured or involved in an accident, please contact Matthew C. Bothwell, P.A. a personal injury lawyer that will be there for you.