Foreclosure & Debt Relief

In a world of economic depression, identity theft and generous credit lending it’s easy to fall behind on payments or come to find that someone has stolen your identity ruined your credit score.  If you have lost your job or your mortgage has become too much to keep up with, it’s easy to fall behind.  Matthew C. Bothwell, P.A. is here to help you deal with collection agencies or lenders harassing for money you just don’t have.  We are here to help defend against the credit card companies and we are here to help if you are behind on your mortgage and are facing foreclosure.

Credit Card Debt:

Credit card debt is very common, especially if you signed up for a credit card at a young age or at a time when you were less responsible.  Maybe you have lost your job and have been forced to live on credit.  If your creditors are calling or you have been sued by a collection agency, don’t just assume that you are liable debt or claim and have no options.  At Matthew C. Bothwell, P.A. we can help keep your collectors honest, help you get the best possible settlement of a debt and in some cases, have collection claims completely dismissed.  We can also help protect your credit score and assist you with credit recovery. 

If you have questions regarding credit card debt, your credit score or any other matter involving collections or consumer law please contact Matthew C. Bothwell, P.A.

If you are behind on our mortgage, are being harassed by your bank or are already involved in the foreclosure process, Matthew C. Bothwell, P.A. can help.  Today, foreclosure proceedings are being filed at historical rates but there is hope. Beginning negotiations with your bank about mortgage delinquencies before your case is turned over to the bank’s attorney may help avoid a foreclosure action.  There are also government sponsored programs that may help you refinance your mortgage or change the terms of your mortgage.  Matthew C. Bothwell, P.A. can help.

If your home or property is in foreclosure Matthew C. Bothwell, P.A. can help ensure the lender has proper standing to bring suit and has a valid claim.  We can also assist in negotiations with your lender to possibly save your home or help facility a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure when possible.