Corporate Counsel and Commercial Litigation

At Matthew C. Bothwell, P.A. we offer cost efficient outside general corporate counsel, business development and general commercial litigation services providing necessary services to established and growing companies offering legal support and guidance on virtually all legal matters. Oftentimes small businesses or even large corporations do not have in-house general corporate counsel due to the perceived costs of such representation, corporate philosophy or tradition. Matthew C. Bothwell, P.A. helps fill that void offering assistance with legal issues including:

◾Commercial contract and memorandum of understanding drafting and negotiation

◾Commercial Lease development and negotiation

◾Corporate and business formation

◾Strategic business development and corporate strategy

◾International contract negotiations and drafting

◾Corporate governance

◾Employment contracts, non-compete agreements and compensation packages

◾Employment matters including hiring, retention, termination, firing, layoffs and employee handbooks

◾Trademark and copyright protections

◾Litigation, arbitration and mediations

◾Corporate collection

◾Risk management

◾Corporate insurance acquisition


Matthew C. Bothwell, Esq. is also an experienced litigator representing corporate clients in loss mitigation, collections, and contract rights enforcement both in and out of court. Our active litigation practice involves seeking damages when our clients are wronged, enforcing their contract rights, collecting unpaid debts, evicting tenants, defending against law suits and generally protecting and preserving their interests.  We engage in both pre-suit dispute resolution but, when necessary, are prepared and willing to take your matter to court.

Our firm was founded on a core belief that we are only as successful as our clients. To that end, as outside general corporate counsel and litigation counsel we think of ourselves as a member of your team. It is our goal to help build your business, protect it from risks and failure and enforce your rights when you are wronged whether it be through simple guidance, contract drafting and negotiation or complex litigation.

Please contact Matthew C. Bothwell, Esq. today and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION. We are here to help.