Attorney Matthew C. Bothwell, Esq. and the law firm of Matthew C. Bothwell, P.A. applies an interdisciplinary practice approach to every issue and case designed to provide client effective and professional legal representation while limiting legal costs and expenses. Our firm operates over a variety of interconnected legal disciplines and specialties such as divorce, child custody, family law, bankruptcy, foreclosure, debt relief, tenant eviction, business development and commercial litigation allowing a unique insight and understanding of these interconnected areas of law, which serves our client’s best interests. The law is complex and robust touching almost every aspect of our lives and it is important to understand how different areas of law may affect the decisions you make. Please contact us before your issues turn into problems. We are here to help.

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Divorce/Child Custody/Marriage Planning

Business Development and General Corporate Counsel

Commercial Litigation

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Credit Card and Debt Relief

Estate Planning

Serious Injury

We proudly serve Jacksonville’s Beaches, Duval, St. Johns, Clay and Putnam Counties and the surrounding areas and are here to help. Please contact the law firm of Mathew C. Bothwell, P.A. and Matthew C. Bothwell, Esq. today to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION.